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Hello 2018!

2018, here I come! I’m starting the new year with a bang, and a new “look.”

Jo Twiss introduced me to Jessica Myhr. The did a show together at a small theatre in Pennsylvania. Jessica’s a Mason Gross Grad (Rutgers) too. Aside from being an actor, Jessica is also a “Style/Marketing” consultant for Actors. She’ll do a complete “branding makeover,” from your headshot, business cards, wardrobe, color selection, along with an assisted “self-assessment” of “what innate characteristics” do I bring to the table for a production, and what actors out there today would be examples of people playing roles I’d be right for (giving someone the name of a working actor for reference [i.e., “I’m a Adam Arkin type!”], makes it easier for them to “get” your “essence,” your “thumbnail.”

As part of this examination, I did an email blast to about 60 people, my “Kitchen Cabinet,” of friends and co-workers. I asked them to fill out a brief survey, which asked for “3 Adjectives they might use to describe me.” I got about 40 responses back.

The goal of this exercise was to get feedback on the “essential qualities” people see in me, and broadcast through my demeanour and behavior. Another way of saying this is, “how do I “land on” people?”

The results were very interesting… but not surprising! Not to me at least!

I was a little bummed out. There was nothing anyone said that I looked at and thought, “Whaaaat?? Is THAT how someone sees me!??”

What I was hoping for (in ADDITION to what I got, which was great!) was something I didn’t expect or wasn’t unaware of about myself.

Of course, there are parts of me that no one mentioned. That’s great because I know can bring those qualities like “leavening” to a good bread, but it’s good to know whether I’m a Sourdough or a Pumpernickel! :>)

I’ll send out the “word cloud” of the responses for everyone to see. That way it’ll be apparent how I chose to do my new Headshots in March.

Before I publish it though, I’m going to be sending out ANOTHER survey from my OTHER coach, Sean Pratt. Sean is an Audiobook Coach (really excellent!). He has me doing something very similar with my voice. He too wants me to do a mailing to get feedback on the “qualities and impressions” people have of my voice.

More to come!

Exciting…!!! :>)

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